We have no overdue social security or other public debts - please make sure!

Although the Labour Code does not specify in detail to what extent the Borrowing Partner is liable to satisfy itself that all social security contributions are effectively paid for the wage of the leased Employee, it is however worthwhile to pay attention also to this aspect. For a better protection of the Employee we advise to all companies engaged in labour lending activities to ask for a certificate of zero-debt from the Tax Authority (APEH) from time to time from its Lending Partner, to make sure for itself that the Lending Partner have effectively paid its due public contributions! We also advise to ask for such certificate for the period of days 20 to 30 (31) of the given month, to make sure that the Lending Partner paid up both wage related contributions and TVA (ÁFA) to the State. We are convinced that with this simple procedure our Borrowing Partner can look forward to a brighter future.

It is a matter of fact that our Company is in possession of a zero-debt APEH certificate (on a continuous basis) right from its foundation. At request we can of course also obtain an updated certificate!