Why JobConcept?

  • Our Company has no overdue public debt, therefore our Client can feel secure concerning its situation, saving itself from eventual unpleasant situations.
  • We give priority to the requirements of our Partner and we execute the whole process of recruitment and selection through consultations with and by always informing our Client.
  • We provide human resources counselling during the whole process of the service, supporting in this way the objectives of our Partner.
  • In all cases there is a staff member in charge of the project who keeps contact with our Client, eliminating in this way any inappropriate flow of information.
  • Due to its organizational setup JobConcept is able to meet the requirement of its Clients quickly and in a flexible way. Our staff is working in a system with strong motivation elements, in order to focus on a fast and precise response to requirements.
  • For us, all of our Client are „THE CLIENT"- and this is the approach that we expect from all of our colleagues and that we ensure with respect to our Partners.