HR outsourcing

Full (or partial) human resources outsourcing (HR outsourcing)

In the performance oriented business environment of today it is indispensable for all companies to concentrate all of their capacities on their main business activity. It is here that HR outsourcing can give a helping hand: when resorting to this service, our Partner shall be exempt from all tasks related to human resources management, he may re-affect time and effort to the main profile business activity of the company.

Under the human resources outsourcing service we provide the following:

  • Recruitment and selection tasks related to staff intended to be outsourced,
  • Job entry and exit administration of staff,
  • Full administration of wage accounting for staff,
  • Full-scale HR counselling,
  • Elaboration and implementation of education and training plans for staff (with follow-up)
  • Elaboration, introduction and running of benefit systems other than wages,
  • Elaboration and running of a grade-system,
  • Continuous communication with the work areas in charge of the professional orientation of our Partner, and a process control in conformity with his needs.

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