I met Jobconcept in 2014 when they solved an immediate task with tight deadline. During the reporting period, they put together what we needed, and they worked with a big staff all night long. Since then, we have been working together and have been entrusted with the entire labor task beyond payroll. Ever since they take these areas, they make the workers and authorities completely happy and they have been working without failure. Jobconcept has a professional approach and, most importantly, they have customers centric attitude.

We like to work with Jobconceps, because besides the services , they also consider what our goals are, where we want to go and that's why they do their job as if they were the customers. It is uncommon. They react with great patience and flexible solutions, for the -  sometimes frustrating and uncomplicated - requests. They've been helped us to our sudden growth (over 400 people) with the labor and related administrative documentation. This means: manage to enter and quit 350 physical and office employees, keeping in touch with prospective employees, which is a determining skill in today's labor market.

Our company is completely satisfied with the service provided. We appreciate their flexibility, precise workmanship, the expertise, attitude and kindness of our contacts. Jobconcept is up-to-date in terms of legislative changes and with extensive experience they help to choose the right workforce. In addition, we would like to point out that during our many year co-operation we have always complied with the legal requirements in the course of multi-disciplinary NAV or Labor Inspection. Considering the above, we would also like to recommend Jobconcept to others.

What comes to my mind is accurate, accurate, reliable work and partnership, and years of close collaboration. The interests and requests of our company are always kept in mind. Jobconcept employees are not discriminated against in relation to our employees. They are available in case of any request or question, they are adapted to production needs with quick management.

We have been working with JobConcept Ltd. since 2012. We are fully satisfied with their service. Their precision and professionalism are exeptional. On the basis of the feedback from our employees, we also get positive feedbecks. Thanks to their day-to-day professional support and the work of the delegated contact person, the work of our HR department is greatly eased.

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